10 Strategies To Move Forward When You're Feeling Stuck


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Isn't it fascinating how life gives us opportunities to practice our own teachings?

When I submitted my latest article for review, I had no idea, that as it was published earlier this week on Lifehack.org, I would find myself stuck in a world of uncertainty as the devastating Woolsey Fire continues to burn in Southern California.

Six days ago, my family and I had to leave our home under mandatory evacuation, and are not yet able to return. (I’m extremely grateful that we are safe, staying with family in San Diego, and that our home and neighborhood have remained untouched).

As my family, friends and I (and so much of California) are enduring the challenges associated with the physical fires in our lives, I know there are many of you who may be experiencing various ‘fires’ of your own that are leaving you feeling stuck, frustrated, hopeless, confused and unable to move forward.

I hope that no matter what type of fire you have going on in your life right now, these strategies help you to step back, sort out the thoughts in your head and create a clear path to move forward. 

Sometimes all we need is the wind to shift, a moment of calm, or a new perspective to get unstuck and moving forward again.

So whether you feel just a ‘little stuck’ or like you’re stuck in dry concrete; trying to make a small or big decision; wondering what you’re doing with your life, feeling trapped in a job, overwhelmed by debt, unhappy in a relationship or life that isn’t the one you want to live, these 10 strategies can help you move forward again.

Check out the full article here: 10 Strategies To Keep Moving Forward When You’re Feeling Extra Stuck.

P.S. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by these fires. I feel for so many who have lost so much. If you’d like to provide help and support, please consider donating to the disaster relief fund here.