Discover your next


Are you standing at a crossroads? Feeling stuck and trying to figure out your next step? Wondering what you’re doing with your life? Then it’s time to discover your next. Whether that be your next job, career, adventure, level or chapter in life!

It’s normal to feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused and scared trying to figure it all out. I’ve been there. I know how hard it is. 

But it can be easier. That’s why I’ve designed this program. To help you figure out what you want to do next – and empower you to take action.

So, are you ready to figure out what you want? To discover more about yourself and be fulfilled as you move forward? To identify possibilities and next steps? To be engaged and excited about the future ahead?

Great, let’s get started! Here’s how:

Option #1: FREE Guide

This 5-step guide is designed to help you figure out what you want to do next and empower you to take action!

Option #2: Online Course

This course is designed to help you identify what you want to do next with your life and give you the confidence and energy to be unstoppable in making it happen!

Option #3: Personal Coaching

In this 8-week Coaching program, your personal coach will walk you through my unique and powerful 5-step discovery process.  It’s hard to go at it alone, but you don’t have to. We'll be with you every step of the way!

8 Week Personal Coaching Program

The first thing we’ll do is make sure you have a crystal-clear picture of what you want and what you are trying to achieve. Then, you’ll have a chance to take your Instinctive Drives™ test so you can understand what you need to be at your very best in any role or relationship you take on. Your I.D. will also identify blind spots that might get in the way of your success.

Next, we’ll spend time examining all the elements of who you are. After all, whatever direction you decide to go, there is a certain amount of self-awareness that is critical to your success in and all future endeavors. Understanding yourself at a deeper level and making decisions based upon these insights will insure that whatever is next will make you happier, more successful and more fulfilled.

Throughout the program, you'll be supported with tools and techniques to break through barriers, overcome fear and work though the change process. We’ll uncover hidden challenges and limiting beliefs that are getting in your way and help you understand your own decision-making process. You’ll have the chance to brainstorm and explore options, identify those that are the best fit for you right now and finish the program renewed, energized and inspired to make your next step happen!



How does it work?

This program is designed to reveal, define and initiate your next.   Together, you and your coach will work through my unique and powerful 5-step discovery process. 

Your coach will serve as your   coach, consultant and confidante to assist and guide (and even push you a little) along the way, accelerate your results and keep you on track! 


Where do we meet?

Whatever works best for you. You can set your coaching sessions up for the phone, Skype, or video chat.  

If you’re uncertain about doing work like this over the phone, I'd like to reassure you that it is just as valuable – and powerful - as working together in person.


How often? How long?

Weekly for 8 weeks.

Each session is 60 minutes long. 

You can also do the program intensively as desired. 


Our ultimate goal?

To figure out the answer to that big question “What do I do next?”  

However, each and every session is designed to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted, heard and understood, and provide significant value.