How To Find Your Purpose

How many times have you thought about or tried to figure out your life purpose? 

If you’re anything like me and those I coach, you’ve read books, articles and maybe even taken a course or two in hopes of finding this illusive ‘purpose’.   For many, thinking about finding their purpose is an overwhelming and daunting endeavor.   But it doesn't have to be.  

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few that knew from the very beginning what your calling was. If so, awesome. You won’t need to read any further!

Or maybe you’re like the rest of us, and the majority of clients with whom I work, who are still struggling to find ‘it’. Why? Because maybe we are looking for the wrong thing. Maybe for many of us, there is no one ‘it.’  

What if the solution to finding your purpose is to live each day
with purpose, on purpose, not for a single purpose.

That's what my latest article, just published on Thrive Global is all about. Check it out here.   

I hope you find it helpful.  Here's to living a life you love!

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