17 Great TED Talks For Kids


17 Ted Talks for Kids to Inspire Small Minds to Do Big Things

When I was first given the assignment of finding 17 great TED Talks for kids, I was super excited…and a little intimidated.

Excited because I love TED Talks and am deeply passionate about helping kids learn, grow and build their knowledge and confidence. And intimidated because, while I’ve watched a lot of these talks over the years, I knew finding ones that would send the right messages and keep kids engaged would be easier said than done.

So, with a little help from my kids and their friends, I vetted over 100 TED Talks and hand-picked 17 inspiring and powerful speakers, designed to move, motivate and challenge young minds to think big and do good.

I’m thrilled to share these with you today!  17 Ted Talks for Kids to Inspire Small Minds to Do Big Things

But these aren’t just for kids.  The ideas and lessons in each of these talks can be beneficial at any age. And since they’re all less than 13 minutes (some as short as 3), they’re ideal for adults with short attention spans too!

From confidence and self-esteem to innovation and creativity; from grit and perseverance to dreaming big; and from communication to great relationships, each of these Talks presents an important message.

Whether your kid is 6 or 16… or you’re going to watch these having had a few more trips around the sun, I hope these talks provide great discussions for you (and your family). May they be an inspiration for you (and your kids) and something that moves, motivates and challenges whoever is watching. 

I’d love to hear what you think and if there are any others you’d recommend!

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