What's the pebble in your shoe?


I was reminded of this quote the other day when I went out for a hike. A few hundred yards from my house I felt something small in my shoe. I didn’t have much time to hike, and didn’t really feel like stopping, so I continued to walk. However, I didn’t get too far, before I had to stop, take off my shoe and dump out the little piece of gravel that was bothering me.

Too often we don’t do this in life. We don’t stop.  We keep walking with the pebble in our shoe. We keep moving forward, thinking we don’t have time to take off our shoe and dump out what’s getting in the way.  We tolerate the stuff that’s not working, especially the little stuff.  But if we don’t deal with this little stuff, it becomes the big stuff and gets in the way. It causes pain, discomfort, blisters...and is eventually what really slows us down, or if it gets bad enough, stops us completely in our tracks.

So, as you climb your mountains, make sure to be aware and take the time and effort to remove the metaphorical pebble from your shoe.  It might take a few extra moments, a few extra days or maybe even longer than that, but it will save you so much more time and pain in the long run.

What’s the pebble in your shoe???

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