3 Ways To Avoid Breakdown


I’m excited to share my latest article published on Kind Over Matter!

I’ve always prided myself on moving fast, being busy and getting stuff done. 

I grew up in a high-achieving, fast-paced, entrepreneurial family.  Our family valued hard work and action.  Therefore, I had a belief that success meant lots of hard work, long hours, struggle and sacrifice. A typical entrepreneurial mindset.   There was little room to relax.  Now,  I am eternally grateful for this work ethic; it has gotten me to where I am today.  But it took me years to learn I also need to chill the bleep out sometimes.   

Let me just take a minute to say how much I love the human body.  It has a way of telling us, “something’s wrong”, “something’s not working here”, “slow down”.  But sadly, we tell our bodies to shut up and move on with it.  We drag them around, and push forward with will and determination.  

I see this all too often with clients I work with as well. Instead of paying attention to our early warning signals, or listening to our bodies, many of us just keep moving. We keep pushing through.   This manual override may be helpful in times of life or death, but overused, over time, when we override our bodies’ warning signs for safety and survival, we literally break down and pay the consequences.

Are you paying attention to your early warning signals?  Are you taking care of yourself?  Or, are you on a slippery slope towards breakdown? 

This article shares the story of my personal struggle to figure out how to chill out and relax a bit more and 3 helpful ways to avoid a breakdown that I wish someone had told me earlier! 

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