Option #3

Personal coaching program


How does it work?

This program is designed to reveal, define and initiate your next.   Together, we’ll work through my unique and powerful 5-step discovery process. 

I’ll serve as your coach, consultant and confidante to assist and guide (and even push you a little) along the way, accelerate your results and keep you on track! 


Where do we meet?

Whatever works best for you. We can talk over the phone, Skype, or video chat.  We can also meet face to face - I'm in LA if you are!

If you’re uncertain about doing work like this over the phone, I’d like to reassure you that it is just as valuable – and powerful - as working together in person.


How often? How long?

We’ll meet weekly for 8 weeks.

Each session is 50-minutes long. 

We can also do the program intensively as desired. 


Our ultimate goal?

To figure out the answer to that big question “What do I do next?”  

However, each and every session is designed to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted, heard and understood, and provide significant value.