The Catalyst

  • For first time clients
  • Initial 90 -minute session
  • 30-minute follow-up 
  • Your Instinctive Drives

Jump Start

  • 4 sessions
  • Your Instinctive Drives
  • Weekly by phone

Breakthrough & Thrive

  • 12 sessions 
  • Your Instinctive Drives
  • Weekly by phone

Keep it Moving

  • Ongoing, monthly support and accountability
  • Once, twice, or four times a month as agreed
  • Support to answer questions, provide advice or feedback as needed


All packages include access to your Instinctive Drives questionnaire, reports and interactive videos. I’ve seen a lot of profiling tools over the course of my career and I love this one. The questionnaire takes only about 10 minutes to complete and identifies:

  • What drives and motivates you and what you need to operate at your best
  • Your natural talents and how to make the most of them
  • Your natural vulnerabilities - including potential blind spots - and how to manage them
  • How you see the world and how others see you
  • Practical strategies designed to help you operate at peak performance

It's also a great tool for understanding others and communication. Knowing your I.D. allows me and my coaches to better understand where you're coming from, what you need and how to best support you.