Hi, I'm Tracy

I'm a results-driven coach + consultant, dedicated to
helping you live a life you love!


About me...

•  I love my family more than anything. I am the proud Mom to three beautiful and energetic daughters, an even more energetic black lab, and wife to my fun-loving, more laid-back than I could ever be, husband, Jake. We live in Topanga, CA (just outside Los Angeles).   

• I am driven to be of service. I’ve chosen this path because it deeply saddens me how many people are stressed out (77% of Americans), disengaged from their work (70+%), and generally unhappy or unfulfilled. I’ve had many times in my career when I’ve felt the same way. My motivation is to help others be happier, more successful and fulfilled in whatever they choose to do.

•  I believe life is challenging, busy, and beautiful. I find myself challenged every day to find balance and time for everything I love. In my not-so-spare time, I love adventures with my family, traveling, being outdoors, hiking, yoga, and learning anything new.   

•  I value positive energy and a can-do spirit. This is why I am always looking to be inspired… and I am consistently moved by others’ courage and insight. Also, corny as it might sound, I love reading positive and inspirational quotes!

•  I adore dogs - they just make me happy; kids - I love being around their innocence, freedom and joy at the smallest things; spending time in nature, grounding and getting back to what’s real.


Now that you know

a bit about me & my essence, I look forward to getting to know you!  


If you’d like my official BIO, Here It Is!

As a results-driven coach and consultant, Tracy partners with individuals to help them achieve greater levels of happiness, fulfillment and success - personally and professionally.  

Over the last twenty years, she’s worked in many roles: executive coach, consultant, facilitator, trainer, product development and leader. She’s had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals, teams and organizations across a wide variety of roles and industries. From running education centers for kids to defining and executing business strategy in small businesses to building content, products and technology which have been implemented and used in Fortune 500 companies. 

Tracy has coached dozens of coaches and trained trainers and consulted strategic clients in relation to team performance and leadership development. Amongst other methodologies, she is trained in The Instinctive Drives System™, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Integrative Wellness principles. 

While her primary focus is individual coaching, she can also be found advising businesses on their next steps, building courses and curriculum for clients, and running training events in the areas of personal and professional development.



Success happens when you work with Tracy. Besides having extensive experience, knowledge and skills, there is an inexplicable ‘essence’ of being with Tracy that people feel special and empowered anytime that they are with her.

You feel understood. You feel challenged. You feel like you can do anything. You feel admired and respected. You feel inspired. 

And then you go away & get it done!! Even though you may be paying her for her services, you leave each interaction feeling honored, blessed and just plain lucky that you get to work with her!! - Nita


Tracy’s positive, can-do, and empowering energy is something you feel immediately when meeting her, even if you are thousands of miles away and speaking to her over the phone. She brings the ability to look at seemingly impossible situations with multiple perspectives that others might not be able to see.

In short, if you have the potential or the opportunity to work with Tracy in any capacity - take the opportunity because I can guarantee she will provide priceless value to anything she is involved in. – Briane


Tracy brings passion, energy and emotional intelligence to everything she does. She is passionate about enabling others to live their best life - and is a highly motivational and engaging leader, facilitator, trainer and coach.

Tracy consistently makes a real and positive difference to people and results. She inspires others on their journey, empowers them to achieve great things - and ensures that there's plenty of fun along the way. – Christa


I really don’t have the words to describe how valuable Tracy can be to any organization or individual.

 If you need some heart, call Tracy, if you need some soul, call Tracy, if you need some passion, just call Tracy. - John